Meet Our Team

The diverse talent required for success – and the full range of services to make it happen.

Figure Eight Properties brings together a group of commercial real estate experts who have successfully guided clients, capitalized on trends, and built a portfolio of well-managed spaces. Together, we are a team of like-minded professionals with the skills, the resources and the relationships required to deliver value for our clients.


Robert Simons, Founder
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Robert T. Samuels, Chairman Emeritus
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Jeffrey Digel, Principal
P: E:
Bruce Simons, Principal
P: 860-313-5400E:
Harris Simons, Principal
P: 860-313-5400E:
Richard Korris, Principal
P: 860-313-5400E:
Jim Kelly, Senior Vice President
P: 860-313-5400 x 162E:
Geri Bettencourt, Regional Vice President | Texas
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Tom Bergeron, Director of Property Management
P: 860-313-5400E:
Patricia Mancillas, Director of Operations | Texas
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Mariann Saltus, Controller
P: 860-313-5400E:
Jen Palacko, Accounting Manager
P: 860-313-5400E:
Jerry O'Sullivan, Accountant
P: 860-313-5400E:
Siobhan Coffey, Accountant
P: 860-313-5400E:
Josie Spagnulo, Accountant
P: 860-313-5400E:
Amy Perez, Senior Property Manager
P: 512-600-9400E:
Anna Meeks, Senior Property Manager
P: 281-359-1777E:
Richard Johnson, Property Manager
P: 832.252.6868E:
Johnny Family, Property Manager
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Phoebe Ky, Property Manager
P: 860-521-4099E:
Steve Kindl, Property Manager
P: 860-313-5400E:
Kim Tellerico, Property Manager
P: 860-313-5400E:
Kathy Sesty, Property Manager
P: 860-627-5573E:
Amanda Green
P: 860-519-5540E:
Marion Hubbard, Human Resources
P: 860-313-5400 x 166E:
Cynthia Cao, Administrative Assistant
P: 860-313-5400 x0E: