Property Management

Our Property Management services provide peace of mind to owners and tenants alike, and they entrust us with ensuring the property’s peak performance, retaining clients, and yielding cost-saving efficiencies as new technologies emerge.

Our clients appreciate that Figure Eight Properties brings a hands-on approach to Property Management. As owners, we recognize the critical role of the property manager in realizing the value of an asset over time. It’s a responsibility that we take as seriously for our clients as we do for our own properties.

We approach each Property Management engagement by discussing how our services can help our clients achieve both their immediate and long-term goals for their assets. We perform full-service property management functions, including maintenance and enhancement, rent collection, cost control, service contract administration, disbursement of payments, addressing client concerns and questions, and lease administration.

With a focus on the client relationship, we are known for delivering excellent service, efficiency, and discretion when dealing with tenants and vendors. We bring a tremendous network of relationships and work with clients during expansion or renovation of their properties to manage construction projects. Our services include hiring and supervising construction contractors for capital or tenant improvement projects, with the goal of lowering long-term operating expenses.


  • Maintenance & Enhancement
  • Cost Control
  • Service Contract Administration
  • Disbursement of Payments
  • Lease Administration
  • Rent Collection